Brandon Eastep

Brandon, our founder and chief videographer, has been passionate about producing media for decades. After being given his first camera at the age of twelve, Brandon began producing all forms of videography and photography in both macro and micro subjects. Before attending college for cinematography, Brandon was creating videos for outdoor enthusiasts as well as extreme sports enthusiasts; including portraits and live action shots of subjects. After graduating with a bachelor of cinematography in 2017, he truly began to delve into the world of videography. Not only has he worked with major production companies, he has also become noted as a freelance videographer within his community. Being a jack of all trades, he has also taught countless individuals the basics of photography as well as produced graphic design for small and large-scale products. As a member of his community, has also provided his skills to nonprofit organizations in the area dedicated to helping the less fortunate. Brandon’s passion for the arts can only be overshadowed by his drive in producing a finished product that brings joy to others.